This past week I’ve missed adding more blog posts because we’ve filled just about every waking moment with visiting family, friends or things to do. In favor of brevity, I’m going to keep this post light on text. There’s way more to be said about all of these places but if I start falling down that rabbit hole, I won’t get this out today at all.

From New Orleans to Atlanta, with a stop in Montgomery.


Our first stop in Montgomery, the Civil Rights Memorial. Engraved on the Memorial are the 40 people who lost their lives in the fight to gain civil rights in this country.

2016-9-2-road-trip-montgomery-0008 2016-9-2-road-trip-montgomery-0011

Inside the memorial. This was very powerful and completely worth the stop.

2016-9-2-road-trip-montgomery-0020 2016-9-2-road-trip-montgomery-0030

Details from the memorial. The quote here is “Until justice rolls like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream” MLK


Here is the capitol of Alabama where the confederacy was born.


Here is MLK’s church exactly one block away. The bus boycott was planned in the basement of this church.


The Greyhound Bus Terminal now the Freedom Rides Memorial. The tiled over section of the door is where the “Blacks Only” entrance was to the bus station during segregation.


Off to Atlanta we checked out the MLK National Historic Area. This is his childhood home, now a National Historic Site.


Outside the MLK Center. The exhibits inside chronicle the life and work of MLK. Totally inspiring.

From Atlanta we headed to Savannah to spend the evening.


Capitol of Savannah.


Multiple weddings were taking place when we got there.


Cotton Exchange out near the River Street. All of these buildings are elevated so they could use the slope of the hill to roll their crops down the hill to the waiting boats.


Reverse of the Capitol.


WWII Memorial. I just thought the design was particularly cool on this one.


One of many historic staircases near River Street. Super steep, watch your step!


2016-9-3-road-trip-atlanta-savannah-0096 2016-9-3-road-trip-atlanta-savannah-0167 2016-9-3-road-trip-atlanta-savannah-0127 2016-9-3-road-trip-atlanta-savannah-0119

One of the things I was most excited to see in Savannah were the trees with the Spanish Moss. The last three shots are from Forsyth Park.

Next day we spent in Hinesville to visit with Kara’s aunt and cousins. We had a lovely day with all of them finally getting to see the town where they live! Cindy was super sweet and gave us a goody bag of stuff for our trip, so thoughtful! After lunch we headed back to Savannah to spend some more time with CJ and her wife Stephanie.


Somehow we missed this the first time through. Savannah also has open containers now and this place does about a hundred different types of frozen drinks – Wet Willies.


Kara with CJ & Stephanie


Candy store. These are chocolate covered rice crispy treats on a stick.


Rock em Sock em Robots on the river walk.


Kara and CJ were the champions in the first round, this was the final match.


CJ brutalized Kara’s robot to take the title.

2016-9-4-savannah-0043 2016-9-4-savannah-00502016-9-4-savannah-0059

More stairs, more Savannah.

Next day we headed to Charleston on our way to Durham, NC.



This is where we went for lunch, a place I was dying to go to – Husk. This also happened to be my 2-year anniversary of being in business for myself so Kara put me through an annual review.


I had the shrimp & grits with a skillet of cornbread.


Kara got a veggie plate with all kinds of southern ingredients.

2016-9-5-road-trip-charleston-0118 2016-9-5-road-trip-charleston-0058 2016-9-5-road-trip-charleston-0046 2016-9-5-road-trip-charleston-00282016-9-5-road-trip-charleston-0164

After wandering the neighborhoods of Charleston for a bit we hit the road for Durham to spend time with my cousins. And that is all for now, maybe I will have my NC post up later today.

Right now we are in Washington DC – our last stop of the trip!

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