335. Ethereal

2014-9-23 Salem-0230Is what I was trying to achieve with this shot. This spot has a great fantasy, fairy tale kind of vibe. The lighting was just perfect but my usual tendency to contrasty images wasn’t working so I tried to create a softer look. I feel like the whole image has taken on a dream-like quality now.

Tonight’s song is Breezeblocks by Alt-J. The video is intense and totally worth 4 minutes of your day. It’ll stick with you.

333. A Milli

333 makes me think of the last line in the song A Milli by Lil’ Wayne because  there’s a point in the song when someone else comes into the song and says “See, 3… 3 3″ at the point the song has reached the 3:33 mark. The first time I got it I thought it was surprisingly clever, I was surprised no one else had thought of that. The first time I heard the song I hated it but I’m learning that most things I used to hate are actually quite good.

Recently I listened to Fleetwood Mac and realized I had been wrong for many years, I actually kind of liked it. For some reason when I was younger I just decided that Stevie Nicks was lame so I wrote off Fleetwood Mac. I also did that with the Beatles and the Talking Heads and came to a similar conclusion, I was dumb and if you’ve heard that a band is great from other people you should listen to them.

Speaking of music, tonight’s photo is a panorama from Florence taken just after the sun set and the street lights were just starting to turn on. I found Florence to be a musical city, it felt like everywhere we walked I heard someone playing a different type of instrument.

2014-5-12 Venice & Florence-Panorama 01