300. Bummer

So today was weird, I was feeling depressed all day for no particular reason. I’m not the type of person to take depression in stride, I loathe depression. It’s even worse when I can’t point to any reason or cause for feeling shitty, I just woke up feeling awful and it carried over throughout the day. When I couldn’t naturally just come out of it, it just turned into anger at myself which only seems to make the pit just a little deeper.

I’m grateful that I don’t have chronic depression, because that shit sucks.

Tonight I grabbed a photo from my anxiety attack day last year because I felt like it was a similar state of mind for me. And tonight’s song is from my all-star days of depression in college to top it off.

I think I’m just trying to embrace the depression at this point to flood it out of my system so I can just go back to feeling normal tomorrow. Does it work like that?

2013-2-15 Boston - 0061Tonight’s song is Freakish by Saves The Day.

298. Just To Get By


There is something magical about the way a wall crumbles. I really love this one from Venice, it was on the side of a church facing the main canal. I love the story this wall tells. You can see all the years of history on it’s face, each layer tells a different story.2014-5-9 Venice-0103

Tonight’s song is Get By by Talib Kweli.