273. Think Twice

IMG_0870Tonight I’ve been thinking a lot about my experience at Union College. This is the Nott Memorial in the center of campus and I took the photo back in ’03 with my lil’ Canon Powershot. I have conflicted feelings about my time at Union to say the least.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so lost in my life as I did in my time in college. I just didn’t’ know what I was supposed to be doing and ultimately it meant that my time there was cut short.

Sometimes the process of starting my own business I have felt similarly lost but it’s never been quite so tough as college was for me.

Now, looking back, I’m happy that my college experience was, well, unorthodox. I had to do a whole lot of growing up to do after I left Union. I think the greatest lesson I can take away from that experience is that my life changed in an instant when I had a conversation over Thanksgiving break with my parents. At the time I thought that my life was going to be one failure after another and that I had managed to ruin my life at the age of 21.

But it wasn’t, I learned from my experience and figured out how to start shaping my life in the way that I wanted.

It’s still very strange to me that we hold the power to change the direction of our lives at any moment. We can change our future to become someone different, live in a different place, meet new people, live better lives and it’s all just a matter of taking that step. In a lot of ways that’s what starting this business has felt like. I am slowly letting go of what I have come to know as my life and start embracing the possibility of a better future.

Tonight’s song is Think Twice by Groove Armada.

271. Field Trip Sunday

Last month I started a project I’m just going to call Field Trip where I ask someone to take a day off, go somewhere that inspires them and record it all with photos in this blog. It’s as big a project as you want to make it or as small as you can think. In June I went to Wellesley College with my sister-in-law Kirstin – 243. Field Trip Friday. This month I wanted to take the opportunity to spend some time with my grandmother, Martha Booth.

2014-7-27 Grammy Visit-0008She told me about her first apartment which is on the same street as the home she’s in right now in Swampscott. When she was in her early 20’s she was dating a guy who worked on a cargo ship and she was upset with him because he had to work over the week of the 4th of July. He decided it was best to take off with the ship which meant she was date-less to the big lobster cookout. A man by the name of John had recently moved in from the West Coast and worked in the same office. He also happened to be dateless for the cookout so decided to go together. That was their first date, lobster and fireworks.

2014-7-27 Grammy Visit-0016

Just over a month later they were engaged. Her now ex-boyfriend came home and heard the news from her sister, he couldn’t believe it. She was laughing while going over that last detail.

My grandmother has always had a great sense of humor. I appreciate that she can take it just as well as she can give it. Almost every time I see her I hear the story about how my father and uncle used to swing her by her arms and legs while she was on the phone. Whoever she was talking to at the time had no idea what was happening because all they would hear is my grandmother screaming to be put back down.

I didn’t want to go crazy with photos for this one but I did find a cat who lives at the house named Spice. I couldn’t pass up this face.

2014-7-27 Grammy Visit-0017No song tonight.