243. Field Trip Friday

Tonight’s song is Good Old Days by Pink.

What would you do if you took a day off work to go to a place that you love? A place that inspires you? What would you do if you knew that the whole experience were going to be photographed?

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0084

Last Friday was the first time I’ve started this new adventure in photography. I’ve always wanted to create an project where I can spend time with my favorite people in the world and do something fun and spontaneous. I pitched the idea to my sister-in-law Kirstin back in May and she said yes! We chose last Friday and put it on the calendar. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing and that is my only condition. Kirstin brought me to Wellesley College because of her love of learning, bookstores and college campuses.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0044I had never been to Wellesley before and it really is a gorgeous campus. We started by checking out an art exhibit in the Wellesley College Museum. They have an exhibit going on right now featuring many of Madeline Albright’s pins that she wore as Secretary of State. Unfortunately they didn’t allow any photography inside. I thought it was pretty cool that Madeline Albright had 2 pins by Alfons Mucha, who just happens to be my favorite artist. I thought that was a pretty good omen and Kirstin’s own totem of sorts, a wall filled with origami hummingbirds.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0008After the pins we checked out the rest of the museum and talked about art. 2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0029I feel like that shot should be an album cover from the 80s.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-00142014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-00392014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0025This was Kirstin’s favorite but she couldn’t say why she liked it or what she thought it meant.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0049My favorite part about this project is that I want to get to know people better. I feel like the older I get, the easier it gets to fall into the trap of knowing only knowing my friends and family on a very basic level. I don’t have as many adventures as I did back in my teens and early twenties. The first thing I feel like I took away from this was that Kirstin is super inquisitive.2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0230I’ve always known that she has lots of interests and tons of ideas but I was amazed that after nearly 5 hours, I felt like we could have just kept talking about anything and everything. Education, feminism, politics, philosophy, religion, kids, parents, travel, death. We left no stone unturned. I’ve always loved talking with Kirstin because she will follow me on any tangent and she’s very honest. She’s an open book.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0059But she’s not a fan of nature and most of it scares her which I found hilarious. I made her pose some shots on a log that was teeming with life. 2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0096Then I got her to crack.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0091And soon after we had a moment. This was everything I hoped this little adventure would become. We accidentally walked off course while lost in conversation and then came upon this little waterfall next to a fresh pond. I told Kirstin to walk across the grated pathway and then before I knew it, she changed the script.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0136She chose to walk across the waterfall.2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0121I was not expecting that at all and it was my favorite 30 seconds of the day.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0132My other favorite thing about this project is it gives people an opportunity to surprise me, maybe even surprise themselves.

After this awesome moment we found ourselves in the middle of a freshly cut soccer field. Kirstin told me that every time she walks across a field like this it makes her want to do a handspring. I told her that she knew by putting that out into the world, she was going to have to do it now.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0163This led to a full on mini-gymnastics routine.

Kirstin Kartwheels2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-01802014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0201

Thank you Kirstin. Excuse me, Kirstin Pesola McEachern, PhD.

2014-6-27 Kirstin Field Trip-0142I’d like to do this once a month moving forward. I have someone already in mind for July but if you have an awesome idea and you want join me for a Field Trip, drop me a note at scadoozy@gmail.com.


242. Doo-doo-doo-do-doo

Tonight’s song is by Regina Spektor, One More Time With Feeling.

No one does mouth noises (there must be a better term for it than that) better than Regina. Steven Tyler is a close second, but his style is a whole lot more wacky. I love how she makes it feel natural.

2014-5-2 Boston - 029Tonight’s photos is a slice of nature’s beauty.

Also, tonight I got one of the best compliments on my photography I’ve ever heard and it totally made my night. My friend Mark told that the best thing about my photography was that it was accessible. I think that’s always been something I value in my work. I get frustrated when I hear people say they “don’t get art” or that art is not for everyone.

I heard somewhere that the simpler and clearer a message is, the further it can travel. I like to think that I’m getting better at distilling my art down into simpler and simpler forms.

People attach their own meaning, that’s what gives art power.

240. The Sound of Giving Up

2012-7-15-21 Lake Winnipesaukee - 0869Tonight’s song is by Harvey Danger, one of my favorite bands growing up that I never got to see live. This was the last song they recorded and gave it out for free on the internet. I’m sure you can still find it somewhere out there. It has all the hallmarks of my favorite HD songs from the writing to the ba-da-da’s. They were always a touch on the bittersweet and it doesn’t get more bittersweet than the last song you record as a band. It’s all about how and why they chose to hang it up and I think it’s actually one of their best songs.

The Show Must Not Go On

This brings me to my favorite video I’ve seen in a long time which is about the opposite of giving up. I was watching a documentary on Netflix recently called The Motivation that follows different skateboarders trying to compete for the biggest tournament of the year. They showed a clip of one of the contenders who inspired me more with this video than possibly anything I’ve ever seen. Chris Cole is a beast. He’s not the most technical skater but he sure is goddamn persistent.

The Wallenberg Uncut

I want to be this committed to something in my life. Even if you couldn’t care less about skateboarding, this shows how indomitable the human spirit can be. Spend 4 minutes watching someone get back up.