89. Back to the Archives

Here’s a couple shots from 2010. We took a weekend trip to Maine and I had my old crappy Canon but I found some photos I thought were worth sharing. I think the silhouettes in the first photo are my wife Kara and my nephew Owen looking into the water off the dock. The second photo is Owen on the rocks.

IMG_6694 IMG_6671Tonight’s song is Lateralus by Tool.


88. Hide & Seek

The first time I heard this song I listened to it on repeat for about an hour while walking to my wife’s (then girlfriend) apartment. When I played it for her she laughed in my face. I think she just couldn’t picture it at the time.

Eventually it won her over and she even sings along to it in the car when it comes up on one of my mix cd’s. I always think about how surprised she looked when I played it for her that night.

Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap. Listen to the song, don’t watch the video. The video will ruin it for you. The best option is to put on headphones and close your eyes. Anything but watch that video. Why did it have to be one camera shot and interpretive dance?!

Bad Imogen.

2012-8-18 Hamilton Estate - 0100People still make mix cd’s right?


86. More Sledding

I finished editing the remaining photos from my niece’s first time sledding.

2014-1-5 Marblehead Sledding-00732014-1-5 Marblehead Sledding-01302014-1-5 Marblehead Sledding-01972014-1-5 Marblehead Sledding-01912014-1-5 Marblehead Sledding-02072014-1-5 Marblehead Sledding-0213At the end of the day, Emma had started taking off her snow gear piece by piece and it became Uncle Scott’s job to pick up each mitten, boot, hat and tube, all the while holding onto a squirming, giggling 3-year old.

Tonight’s song is Space Lord by Monster Magnet. This has nothing to do with tonight’s post but I see a shocking lack of metal in my playlist so I wanted to correct that with my all-time favorite metal song. Enjoy.