A New Chapter

Today I turned 30. This is the first birthday that actually felt like something had changed. You know the question “How does it feel to be (insert new age here)?”¬†This is the first year I can say it feels different.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a piece of advice I heard on the radio years ago. Chris Rock asked another comedian Bob Kelly if he ever “put in a full year.” Meaning, working at his craft every single day for one year.

I have thought about that question for years. It was always something I thought was a cool idea but never something I would aspire to.

That’s why I’m challenging myself this year with this very blog. I am going to post one photo every day this year. Some days I may post more, but for now, I’m just planning on one photo a day until next October 30;¬†from my library of over 40,000 photos. Yeah, I’m surprised by that number too.

Some nights I’ll write, some I won’t. The photo is the main thing.

Also, I’m going to choose one of my favorite songs with a link just because I like to share my favorite stuff. Tonight is my personal favorite song: Pacific Theme by Broken Social Scene. I love everything about this song. It’s an instrumental that just washes away my stress.

Tonight’s photo is of the Clown Fish from the Aquarium in Boston.

Oh, also the Red Sox won the World Series tonight! And tomorrow is Halloween. And I’m 30 now.


2013-9-30 Aquarium-0020