Wedding – Megan & Darryn

Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-28


Whew! I have finished editing the photos from my first wedding shoot and I think I can now officially call myself a wedding photographer. It’s been just over three weeks since their big day and I’m just starting to get some perspective on the whole process from start to finish.

Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-452

Almost a year ago I got an email from my friend Kate asking if I’d consider photographing a wedding. At the time I thought “absolutely not” but I chose to ignore that thought and push myself into saying yes. Once the ball started rolling I had to figure out if it was even a realistic goal for myself. After many hours practicing, using friends as test clients for everything from Engagement shoots to photography classes to shooting parties and even practicing at friend’s weddings, I finally felt ready.

Over the summer I got together with Megan and Darryn to go over my proposal and we seemed to hit it off right away. They were a pleasure to work with since our engagement shoot back in November and I feel very lucky to have them as my first clients.

Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-202

From the minute my day started I knew it was going to be a really fun day. Everyone Megan and Darryn surround themselves with are really sweet, easygoing people. No one got stressed out and even if something went wrong, they are the type of people who don’t sweat the small stuff. I really couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with as I begin my photography career.

I wanted to showcase a small sampling of some of my favorite photos from the whole day.

Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-128


Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-165


Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-45


Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-284


Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-457


Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-330


Also, this was probably my highlight for the night. Forgive me Darryn, but watching you feed yourself the cake after feeding Megan was just priceless. I was actually laughing quite loudly watching this scene unfold just feet away, and I’m glad I kept my finger on the shutter. I still laugh looking at his expression with a mouth full of cake!



Thank you both for letting me share your beautiful wedding!

Megan & Darryn - January Fifth 2013-184

New Years Murder?!?!?!

This year for New Years Eve I spent counting down the last hours of 2012 by investigating a murder. It turned out to be much more fun than I would have thought. Everyone  at the party really got into their characters and it was fun to see how the evening transitioned from quiet conversations into loud arguments, poorly rehearsed dance routines and a “shocking” murder.

My character was a wedding videographer (how convenient) so I grabbed a portrait of all the game players early on in the night. Tonight I felt like doing something a bit different so I made player cards a-la Clue.












Reece had it coming.

2012-12-31 New Years - 0043

Oh, by the way, I didn’t grab great portraits of Ian and Courtney so I didn’t make player cards for them. In case anyone was wondering.

It was Powers all along! The coward is using a baby to distract you!

2012-12-31 New Years - 0091

Holiday Hangover

Hello again and Happy New Year. It’s been two months since my last post and a whole lot has happened. I shot my first wedding over the past weekend for starters. And no, I don’t have anything to show tonight, it’ll be a couple weeks at least until I’m done sorting and editing all of those photos. But I will say that I had an absolute blast shooting Megan and Darryn’s wedding over the weekend.

Any possible weirdness from shooting a wedding with 20+ classmates from High School went out the window within the first 5 minutes. Everyone there couldn’t have been nicer or more encouraging. I have plenty more to say about my first really big photography gig but I’ll save it for my post when I reveal some of my favorite photos from the wedding.

In the meantime I have some fun family and friend photos from Christmas and tomorrow I’ll post my photos from New Years.

2012-12-25 Christmas - 0014

2012-12-25 Christmas - 0006

2012-12-25 Christmas - 0036

2012-12-25 Christmas - 0068

2012-12-25 Christmas - 0095

2012-12-25 Christmas - 0091