Franconia Notch

Last weekend Kara and I drove up to NH for a day trip and a discounted stay-over in exchange for us sitting through a time-share meeting. Spoiler: we decided to optout of that exciting opportunity.

For the day trip we went up to Franconia Notch through a nasty storm and holed up for 20 minutes while the weather went from bad to less bad. I really wanted to try out my new lens filter and take some time-lapse photos of the falls. This would not have been possible without Kara guarding my camera from the rain the whole time as I set up my tripod and lined up the shots. She deserves at least half of the credit for these shots.

You’ll just have to imagine her guarding my camera and tripod like a mother bear from the cold rainy day while viewing these shots.

Thank you for your patience baby.

2 thoughts on “Franconia Notch

    • You can be sure that there are shots of the Red Parka Pub, I’m just saving those for a cold, snowy day. Storyland, I’ve got heaps. Covered Bridge Motel, new ownership and new name. All of these things will be addressed in future posts. I like where your head’s at.

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