1 Time to Relax

Hey everybody, thanks for checking my blog over the last 30 days. It’s an interesting challenge to attempt to create new pieces every night and I will be taking at least a couple nights off this week. It’s definitely been a challenge in more ways than one, some nights I fought off sleepiness, others I just didn’t want to. I’m very happy that I did it this time straight through without a night off. Every time I spend more time and effort into my blog it seems to instantly feed itself by presenting more opportunities and reasons to get outside and do something I haven’t done before. Like:

Fox Hunts #30: https://scadoozy.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/30-in-30/

Cliff Diving Competitions #29


And I finally set aside time to go relive my vacations by seeing them with another year of experience.

I think my favorite post was from Brussels, #24


That night everything felt natural and organic, both the writing and editing. In all honesty the writing is probably the toughest part for me because I edit every sentence 3 or 4 times. Photos are another story, I probably edit five photos for every one that I post. Sometimes I can see something in the image that just needs a tweak, sometimes it can be magical, other times nothing seems to feel right.

I have plenty of photography sessions scheduled in the near future so I will keep posting as the fall goes on. I leave you all with

#1 Squirrel

And Suspicious Duck


3 New Design

Tonight’s photos aren’t actually photos, they’re elements of my new design which will be on my website, business cards, and someday packaging. New layout for the blog, new logo, new branding. I hope you like it, I’ve been agonizing over this for the past few months.

4 Apple Pickin’

My photo bag is expanding. The latest and greatest addition is a speedlight – one of those huge flash guns on top of the camera. And a controller cord which allows me to hold the flash in one hand and angle it at my subject and shoot with the other hand. This is a whole other aspect of photography I have absolutely no experience with so I did what I do with all of my new gear, test it out on my family. Today the McEacherns took the brunt of my snapping. Here are some of the shots that worked, more are over at my flickr page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/boothola/


Double Fistin’!