More from the North

I’ve got a couple new photos from today and yesterday that I want to share. We drove the Kancamagus Highway tonight as the sun was setting and the view was absolutely gorgeous. Kara got to bear witness to my craziness when I get into Photographer Mode. I think I scared her a little driving to a new scenic view, stopping the car, jumping out with my camera, snapping away and then back on the road as quickly as possible to squeeze in as many sights as the light would allow. She got a kick out of it but I’m fully aware that my ADD and my excitement over the gorgeous views let her see a side of my personality usually only on display for complete strangers who find their way into my viewfinder.

Over dinner at one of my favorite restaurants: The Red Parka Pub in Glenn, NH we talked about my plans for my website and how I’d like to start expanding my professional photography career. I’ve got some big plans in store for my website in the coming months that should solve a whole of potential problems (i.e. selling, printing, shipping, hosting, etc.). I’ll have more details as I start to put my plans into action. In the meantime, here are a couple of panoramas from the past two days.

Lakeside Attractions

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything new here so I’ve put together a big batch of photos for you all. This week I’m on vacation by Sunset Lake in New Hampshire. I’ve been trying my hand at wildlife photography this week to mixed results. There’s so much more I could say, but it’s late and I’ve been working on my Mother-in-Law’s laptop trying to replicate the photo editing¬†capabilities¬†on my home pc. It’s been a learning process but I’m finally happy with the results and very excited to show off some of the beautiful sights in this area.