Quick Twofer

Since I’ve been a bit lax in my posts lately I have an additional 2 photos for tonight.

1. My childhood home has been sold and renovations have begun in Marblehead at my Grandfather’s old house. I’ve been charged with keeping a running photo diary of the project for my parents and I took this shot a day after the house had been completely gutted. Only the light fixtures remain on the first floor.

2) I was invited by my friend Pat to the Red Sox game the other night, luckily I had already packed my camera for the day so I could take a nice new panorama of Fenway.

Remaining Photos from Giunts

Hey Y’all. Here are the remaining edits from the many photos my friend Andrew submitted for edits. This time around, I’m just posting the finished, edited photos, because it takes me far less time to put this post together. These photos are from New Zealand and a couple shots from his days as a forest fire fighter.

Thanks Giunts for your submissions. If you have photos that you would like me to edit/crop/retouch or whatever. please contact me!

Friends in Cool Places

Tonight’s post is all from my friend’s archive. My buddy Andrew lives in Salt Lake City and has graciously supplied some of his travel photos for editing. I’m still working on the format for how I will offer my photo editing service, so until then here are some examples of his photos followed by the edited versions. Also, wish him a happy birthday! It was yesterday.

Jackson Hole, WY

New Zealand