Why the new blog?

You’ll notice if you’re a regular of my blog that the posts featured here are about 6 months old. There are a number of reasons why the posts on this blog are from about 6 months ago.

First reason is it makes more sense if my new website is Scadoozy.com and my blog is scadoozy.wordpress.com.

Second reason, I was saving the photos at the maximum allowable size and my old blog was running out of space. You won’t notice any difference looking at the blog or the website, but it will free up some much needed space for both the blog and the new site.

Finally, since I have to re-save all my old photos, it makes more sense to remove the watermark from my first posts. My brother-in-law asked me about this last month and the reason is pretty simple. If people really want to steal my photos, they’ll be able to. I speak from experience, there’s little you can do nowadays to stop potential IP thieves. All it would do is make it harder for my friends and family to save some of their favorite photos, and any potential thieves will still be able to workaround any deterrents I could come up with.

So that’s it folks, please bear with me as I re-post all of my older photos and start working on some new posts. I have about 2-3 months worth of photos I can’t wait to post, so please change your subscription from my old blog – it will be deactivated in the next month – and stay tuned. I’ve got a lot of photos to post!